Diversity Policy

Cincinnati Public Radio Statement Of Diversity And Inclusion

Cincinnati Public Radio (CPR) believes that a diverse workforce, as well as a culturally competent leadership team, Board of Directors, Community Advisory Board and community partnerships are critical to enhancing our understanding and knowledge of audiences in Greater Cincinnati and the Tri-State region. The mission of Cincinnati Public Radio (CPR) is to be “the trusted, independent source of journalism, music, and culture, empowering a vibrant, engaged and informed community.” Fulfilling our mission requires a deep understanding of the people, the issues and the aspirations of our communities.

CPR believes an inclusive workplace reflects the diversity of the region we serve. Our goal is to build and nurture an environment where diversity, equity, inclusion and access are embodied in everything we touch and do. We are committed to honoring and sharing our community’s collective history and experiences through leadership, programming and community engagement.

At CPR, workplace diversity and inclusion are key components of our strategic plan. We define diversity as all the differences that make us unique, including, but not limited to, race, color, ethnicity, language, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, gender, gender identity, socio-economic status, geography, years of service, age, physical and mental ability. We will strive to recruit and foster the growth of a broad pool of candidates whose personal experiences, characteristics and talents reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by Cincinnati Public Radio.

CPR’s continued relevance in a rapidly changing world is dependent upon our ability to listen, translate and act as a communications platform. Our growth depends on our ability to be better listeners, better partners and to be more inclusive. To accomplish this, CPR will continue to explore new opportunities for achieving and promoting diversity and to annually monitor and evaluate our success using key performance indicators, and ensuring that the company meets or exceeds the standards of federal and state law, CPR’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Diversity Eligibility Criteria.

Adopted by the Cincinnati Public Radio Board of Directors November 19, 2020

If you have questions about this Diversity Policy, please contact us.