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Diversity Policy

Cincinnati Public Radio affirms its commitment to serving its entire community and to delivering content that will attract, grow, and engage diverse audiences. Cincinnati Public Radio actively seeks a diverse workforce, management team, Board of Directors, and Community Advisory Board in order to enhance its knowledge and understanding of the Cincinnati area's diverse communities and its ability to meet their needs and expectations.

For staff and management positions, as well as for internships, Cincinnati Public Radio endeavors to recruit a broad pool of candidates, enabling the hiring and promotion of qualified candidates with a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, not limited by race, gender, age, sexual orientation, personal experiences, or other characteristics, and possessing talents and skills that reasonably meet the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by Cincinnati Public Radio. Similarly, Cincinnati Public Radio recruits directors and Community Advisory Board members who reflect the diversity of the listening area, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion, and who represent the cultural and geographic diversity of the area.

Cincinnati Public Radio will continue to explore new opportunities for achieving and promoting diversity and will monitor and evaluate its success. The means Cincinnati Public Radio adopts for achieving diversity will always meet the standards of federal and state law, CPR's Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Diversity Eligibility Criteria.

Adopted by the Cincinnati Public Radio Board of Directors September 25, 2014

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