Frank was a kind soul who always had a hello for you in the hallways or something nice to say. Knowing I am a huge soccer fan, Frank brought me souvenirs from the FIFA Museum and HQ where he visited on one of his many beloved trips to Europe. Farewell, Frank. We miss you.

Tana Weingartner

No words eloquent enough for this sweet man. You will be sorely missed.

Judi Wagner

Frank was one of my favorite co-workers for many reasons. I loved his wit, his humor, his charm and his passion for great music. We also shared an affinity for comic books and the early music of Pink Floyd. However, in my house, Frank will always be remembered as the guy who tried to teach my middle child to juggle. He always knew where his towel was.

Jim Nolan

Frank was a gentle, kind and funny guy. Robert and I in the underwriting department loved to mess with Frank! I do think he got a kick out of us... I know we surely did get a kick out of him! Thanks again for all the delicious European chocolate you delightfully shared with all, and thanks for the wonderful memories will be missed my friend.

Janet Costa

Although WTUE was his first job after college, Frank's radio career began while he was still in high school. Junior Achievement had a public affairs program that broadcast from the studios of WCIN. Once bitten he was hooked on mass communications.

An elder neighbor introduced him to shortwave (ham) radio. In order to get a stronger signal, Frank climbed up a telephone pole outside of his bedroom window to connect a tie a wire to the telephone cables.

Frank was an avid comic book consumer and collector. On one occasion, his little sister's pet gerbil escaped from its cage and nibbled on a prized possession. To impress the importance and value of his collection, he dangled the offending rodent over the toilet as he repeatedly flushed while his sister cried and begged for mercy and his mother stood watch with an arched eyebrow. The gerbil wasn't flushed and his sister made sure to avoid additional trauma by relocating the pet to an aquarium.

Frank continued to hone his skills as the student newspaper editor at Courter Technical High School and was on the yearbook and "managed" the school's radio station.

His obsession with science fiction led to a book collection that earned him an award in a contest sponsored by the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

His literary pursuits and graphic art skills led his to publish fanzines; the first, Conglomerationa collaborative effort with other teen sci-fi fans and a solo effort titled Schmoob, published on a hand-cranked mimeograph machine from typewritered stencils. He managed to snag contributions from top-shelf authors like Ray Bradbury -- all while still in high school.

While earning his Bachelor's degree in Speech and Mass Communications at Bowling Green State University, he was the manager of the campus radio station and earned pocket change dj-ing campus dances and parties.

The sum of his combined experiences created a first-call radio announcer, programmer and production manager. Enunciation and a smooth delivery led to a side hustle of voice-over work. He worked in his chosen profession for nearly 50 years.

Denise Johnson (Frank's sister)

I never met Frank, but my twin sister and I loved hearing the soft tones of his voice, his knowledge of the music he presented and his quiet sense of humor. Farewell to a dear radio friend. 😞🙏💙

Joan Baumgartner

Such a profound loss to thousands of fans and listeners to WGUC and all those at Cincinnati Public Radio. Frank's voice was the most calm, gentle presence on WGUC. Along with his love of music and films, I'll especially remember him for all the Star Trek, Sci-Fi fun he shared with us, and how he helped get me over the jitters of flying to Europesomething he did so often it made one feel it was as easy as beaming up for lunch at the corner pub. Frank Johnson knew the true meaning of life, the universe and everything. Throughout the galaxy - he is profoundly missed. My sympathies to his family and friends and everyone at Cincinnati Public Radio.

Susan Eiswerth

Before I joined the Cincinnati Public Radio staff, I ''knew'' Frank as the voice who guided me through my work day. He shared music with me in the car and at my desk, and he educated me on so much more than simply composers, artists and orchestras. When I arrived at the station, Frank became a good friend. We bonded over film, travel and odd stories & anecdotes. We also enjoyed a few late day singing sessions in the WGUC studio – how odd it must have looked for passers-by to see us singing at the top of our lungs in the soundproof studio….all the while a classical piece played over the hallway speaker. When listeners visited, Frank always wanted to know something about them; he never wanted to talk about himself. Most of all, I will miss my friend's kindness and empathy.

Conrad Thiede

I listened to Frank on air for years before coming to work at WGUC. He was the first person I met when I toured the station before beginning my job here. I remember being star-struck. Little did I know how close we'd become. I looked forward to his daily visits to my office, when he'd share countless bits of knowledge about a variety of subjects including music, movies, comic books, and his travels. He loved working in radio and it was obvious. I'll always fondly remember getting to pitch on air during fund drives with Frank, when he coined my nickname "Jessica Lorey M.D." (No, I'm not a medical professionalI'm just the music director!) Thanks for all the memories and good times, Frank. You are loved and will be missed.

Jessica Lorey

Eternal Rest, O Lord and let Your perpetual light shine upon him!! May he rest in peace. One of my favorites on WGUC!!!! I will truly miss his soft voice on the radio!!!


Sorry to hear of Frank Johnson's passing. He was the background sound and voice in my office for years during his tenure at WGUC. His soft voice and soft touch with classical music was always appreciated. Many thanks to WGUC for keeping his spot "open" for him as he struggled with his illness. It did not pass unnoticed. Frank, you will be missed by this one and by all.

Steve Deiters

I remember the first time I heard that vocal CE and I did to myself "who is that"? So I went to the program hostal and saw it was Frank. I will miss it in real real time but I tale confort in knowing it will always remain in your library. Bye my dear friend

Jean Hicks

I'll miss you. Thank you

Toni Siegel

Frank was a unique soul and I'll miss our conversations, though frankly, many of them went over my head. I could kind of keep up on music and pop culture, but his love of sci-fi and comics far surpassed mine. I got to produce some of our fund drives in the WGUC studio with Frank, and his pop culture or other obscure references that related to a piece he just played never ceased to amaze me. Recently, we had conversations about being sick and working. He felt a terrible guilt about taking time off for treatments or surgeries or appointments, a guilt I shared several years ago. But I reminded him of how everyone here, including him, stepped up for me and that no one here thought twice about being there for him. I'm glad that his days of suffering are over, but that doesn't mean I'll miss him any less.

Kevin Reynolds

I met Frank years before I started working at Cincinnati Public Radio. He was one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever known. When I came to Cincinnati Public Radio, it was a pleasure to be able to see Frank more often. He always brought back chocolate from his many trips out of the country to share with the staff, and when he found out my daughter was a Harry Potter Fan, he brought her many Harry Potter items, only to be found in Britain. He was thoughtful and never took himself too seriously. I will miss him stopping by my office to talk about stories he heard on Morning Edition, and his interesting observations of life. I will miss my friend.

Maryanne Zeleznik

We were so saddened to read this news. WGUC has been the constant companion in our lives since moving here in 1997. Frank Johnson and all the radio presenters are like family members in a way. He always made listening to the wonderful just a little better with his broad range of knowledge about the composers or if there was a Cincinnati connection. He always had something interesting to say. He will be missed.

Steven Patterson

Much love and Blessings to Franks family and friends.

Beth Aufderbeck

Frank was a very giving person but always preferred to remain in the background. We would inch him out of his comfort zone and he would blossom and beam as he explained to listeners one on one what he did every day. When Frank traveled you could count on receiving souvenirs when he returned – especially my favorite, European chocolate. Frank was always so well prepared for his daily shift and any pursuit he would undertake. He was constantly searching the Internet for the stories and news he could share with his listeners. Along the way he would find nuggets of all kinds of information to share with friends. If Frank knew you had an interest, especially one that he shared, you would be on the receiving end of all the articles he had found on the subject. We shared a love of Joni Mitchell and the tv show 24. After Frank learned that I was going to my first Bruce Springsteen concert and that my husband and sons were huge fans) Bruce Springsteen articles started appearing in my inbox. And he shared so much music that I was a hit with the men in my household. Frank cared more for the people around him than he did for himself. We saw that every day this past year as he sought only to be in the studio doing what he loved and not causing extra work or sadness to those of us around him. He was a kind, special man who made his mark on WGUC and all our lives. I will treasure knowing him and sharing my time at WGUC with him.

Chris Phelps

I've listened to Frank for years on WGUC, but also on the old 96 Rock and Warm 98. He always struck me as a warm and funny guy who just loved music --any music-- and connecting with people. Frank was one of the people whose humanity came through on the radio, and I was always grateful for that. Thank you, Frank, for being yourself, and for letting us share some music together.

Michael Lawson

It was my pleasure and honor to have worked with Frank @ WEBN. (My God, was it 40 years ago?) A kind soul, great radio host and very good producer.

Tom Sandman

My late wife and I were big fans of Frank on WGUC. He added a light touch to announcing the music, which often made the selections seem lighter as well. Rest In Peace, God Bless, and Thank You for the wonderful memories you gave us all through the years.

Mark Smith

I have been at Cincinnati Public Radio for a little over a year. I didn't know Frank very well, but, the little I did know is that he was kind, caring and had a wonderful sense of humor. RIP dear Frank.

Valerie Abbott

A favorite example of Frank's sense of humor is a spot recorded for WGUC itself. Of course they don't come with by-lines, but his fingerprints are all over it. It begins with Holst's "The Planets" and the voice over enters with "The Planets: Nine... a conservative estimate!" I met Frank through a science fiction club when I moved to town more than twenty years ago, and was fortunate to get to know a gentle, kind, and thoughtful man with a generous streak. He kept hundreds of "mental notes" on his friends and would constantly hand out cd's he had ripped or tips about upcoming movies or live music events, or even factoids he'd recently come across that would be of interest particularly to a certain person. I'll miss his enthusiasm for Marvel movies, jazz, English folk-rock, his sometimes offbeat sense of humor. (As I recall, his personal record collection which contained a few thousand albums even included a greatest hits album by Marcel Marceau!) But I can still recall those iPad selfies that he took a few years back in the Loge at The Gewandhaus in Leipzig, grinning sheepishly like he was getting away with something. Frank, it was fun while it lasted!

Bob Hess

I remember when he did the cool jazz secment. Rest in peace you dear sweet man.

Sandy Porada

Frank was so kind to me when I first started filling in at WGUC and WVXU. He was generous with his knowledge of music, movies, travel...I loved seeing him get fired up about a particular favorite song, piece of trivia or locale. He was good-natured enough to put up with Sherri and me during goofy fund drive melt-downs when the giggles set in and we poked fun at him. Fund drives will never be the same! A sweet, gentle, funny, smart guy. A genuinely good person. The world is a lesser place without him. I will miss him very much.

Pam Temple

I am just devastated. Just found out that one of my oldest and dearest friends, Frank Johnson, died yesterday. He unfortunately had a very aggressive form of cancer that couldn't be treated and it took him from us far too soon. He was only 65 years old. I've known Frank for 40 years. We met at my first Midwestcon in 1980. He was one of the dearest, kindest and most thoughtful generous people IÂ've ever known. He was very quiet and soft spoken but also very funny. His knowledge of music was awe inspiring. I think he probably visited every music store in every city he was ever in. He made a point of learning what kind of music I liked and always had CD mixes for me every time I saw him. We spent a lot of time together at various science fiction conventions over the years. Lots of dinners and room parties and wonderful conversations. He and Karen visited us quite often and my mom absolutely adored him. Frank drove all the way from Cincinnati to Niagara Falls to support me when my mom died. I could never express to him how much that meant to me. I was hoping to visit him one more time after my own cancer treatment was over. I will miss him so much. I love you Frank. ❤️

Hania Wojtowicz

When Frank was hired at WGUC, I was on the search committee, and vividly remember him saying, "Working for WGUC would be my dream job." He LOVED his work, and he also invested more than 100% of his passion in it. We shared a love of travel, and he would regularly send me articles about travel and specific places to see, or share stories about some of his favorite destinations. When he learned that I like musicians such as Sheryl Crow, The Rollings Stones, and others, he started sending me articles about them, too. As others have said, he made note of THEIR special interests, too, and supplied them with interesting tidbits, too. And of course, he kept on top of his own long list of special interests. All that, AND he did the most detailed and voluminous show prep of any radio jock I've ever known! His obit says he knew all the good CD shops in Europe... but Frank also knew all the good artisanal CHOCOLATE shops there, too!! When he came back from a trip, he'd make a conspiratorial, "Psssst" as I passed by his office ... offering a brown bag of chocolates from which one could choose a surprise piece of some exotic variation. I know I'll keep thinking of anecdotes about him, because he was so fully engaged in everything he did. He was so thoughtful, so playful, so smart, so full of life. I miss you, Frank.

Suzanne Bona

I'm deeply saddened by the loss of Frank. He was such a genuinely nice man, and a musical and cultural sophisticate, who would go out of his way to talk about movies or rip the entire Richard Thompson catalog onto CD's for you. Such a marvelous voice with a great laugh and so very, very kind. God bless you, Frank, and Rest In Peace.

Andrew Lucyszyn

I only knew Frank through his visits on my radio. He brought me many hours of beautiful music and I always found his broadcasts informative and pleasing to listen to. His voice was comforting and you could tell he loved what he was doing. Reading through other's memories, he sounds like such a fun, thoughtful and wonderful person. My condolences to all for the loss of such a great friend. We will all miss you Frank.

Lisa Osterkamp

Frank Johnson has been an important part of my WGUC listening experience for many years. I will miss his voice and commentary so much. One item that always made me grin was his recitation, accompanied by classical music, of the first few phrases of "Born to Be Wild" by the rock group, Steppenwolf. I was never a big fan of that kind of rock format, but somehow it was familiar to me. When I finally figured out where the words came from and that they were being used to encourage listeners to enjoy classical music, I laughed out loud. Thank you, Frank, for your soothing voice, wise words, and good humor!

Linda Tong

I live in North Carolina and knew Frank only slightly, but have very fond recollections of him from our occasional meetings over the years. I remember in particular a long conversation with him and Canadian science fiction fan Mike Glicksohn (now also deceased and missed) during a Midwestcon many years ago. I wish I'd known him better.

D Gary Grady

I worked with Frank many years ago at WRRM. He was a great guy. I was lucky enough to run into him about a year ago. I recognized him right away. It had been many years since we had seen each other and he was amazed I recognized him. It made my day! RIP my friend

Mark Schickler

Frank was a great guy. A fellow comic book, science fiction and jazz fan. This a real loss.My condolences to his family.

Robert Hambrecht

I met Frank in 1978 when I was in Nursing School. When he discovered I was an avid science fiction and comics fan, and had always wanted to go to a convention, he generously offered to escort me so I would have a seasoned veteran to introduce me to people. That was in 1981. Over the years I have attended many more conventions and spent many an hour discussing music (especially jazz), books, movies, Monty Python, Firesign Theater, and comics.I have even gone to comic book shops with him. He was my oldest daughters Grandpa Frank. When she was completing her Masters in Oxford U.K. she was visited frequently by Frank and Karen when they would visit London. She had finished her thesis early and had to leave student housing. Frank was in London and called her to arrange a meeting. She mentioned she was basically homeless for a week and, with typical Frank generosity, he said "come to London and stay with me, I have an apartment". We have the family we are born into, and the family we choose. I am proud and happy to have been a part of the science fiction family he chose. If there is a restaurant at the end of the Universe, I have no doubt Frank is saving us a place at his table. 42.

Karol Brown

My dear friend your special place in my heart is sad. Although I didn't see you much in later years, your joy, laughter, and the memories of trips to Yellow Springs will remain with me....and that delicious rice dish you made for breakfast. RIP you wonderful man.

Nona Behymer-Brewer

I met Frank back when I started working at Cincinnati Public Radio (only WGUC at the time) back in 1999....I was 20 and I was known as TNG (The New Girl). He got a kick out of calling me that and hearing about all the "adventures" I had....he often would tell me: Aron, you aren't just a are a whole vacation"....and he would laugh and laugh. He loved talking about things that I enjoyed and once he found out that I loved Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, name a fewthe emails would come rolling in about anything and everything pertaining to that topic. I would love hearing all about his trips that he would take and he would bring back these chocolates that everyone loved - except me - he knew I didn't like chocolate and would always bring me back something else that he knew I would enjoy. I would often come into my office and find CD's that he made for me with all kinds of music and other things that he thought I would enjoy....and I did. Frank was so genuine, so smart, and so funny. His laugh was contagious and man do I miss it. I miss you, Frank.

Aron Back

I was only a listener and a fan, but Frank made me feel like a friend. I miss him. Deepest sympathy to his family and the many others who loved him.

Susan Silver

So sorry to hear of our loss.Such a gentle comforting voice and knowledge of music!

John T Belt

Lord has an great person with him to play the sound so smooth. We'll miss you.

Alfreda Hogan

I met Frank when WGUC had an open house at the station at least 15 years ago. He was a gentleman and a gentle man, squiring us around to show off the station. My favorite announcer with the most soothing voice ever since he joined WGUC. Frank, you are and always will be missed. Rest in Peace. My kind thoughts are with Frank's family.

Peggy Lietzenmayer

Great voice and great memories for many wonderful years with Frank.We will miss you good friend. My you rest in peace.

Ronald Dreffer

I am good friends with Karen and got to know Frank through her. My most vivid memory, which was captured on camera, is of Frank "holding" my daughter Charlotte after she was born in 2002 and looking petrified during the experience. That photo is priceless and now a source of consolation as I process this loss. Many days I listened to Frank on WGUC and during the pledge drives would call while he was on shift and donate only to make him say my name on the radio. I love you Frank. I love you Karen. Jim, VG, Alex, Carmen, Sarah, Charlotte and I will always remember the quiet, gentle, intelligent, generous and travel savvy friend Frank Johnson.

Enid Sunderman

Frank was a gentleman (in all definitions of the term) an exceptional on air host and above all a good man. I am better for knowing him.

Jack Dominic

Here's my problem writing a tribute to Frank Johnson: words fail me. How can mere words convey the memories of the man? His life. His intellect. His depth and wit. His "soul.'' In an industry much too rife with inflated egos and supercilious self-indulgence, Frank was subdued, self deprecating and thoughtful. He was a truly gentle man. He was ''real.'' As my Jewish friends would say, he was a mensch. Much has been written about his love of music (especially Jazz), movies (the good, the bad, and the utterly terrible), almost anything Apple, and science fiction and fantasy. He had, for instance, long maintained a friendship with George R.R. Martin, the author of the Game of Thrones blockbuster. Frank never left a friend in the lurch, never turned down a request for help, and never missed a Marvel movie. At least, not until this month. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that, among all that he will have missed as a result of his premature death, he would probably have counted as the more egregious disappointments never seeing Captain Marvel or the upcoming Avengers movie. I'll miss talking about these, and many other movies, pieces of music, developments in the Apple line of products and software – and life in general – with my friend. And the WGUC audience will miss his comforting, mellow voice and cheeky asides about music, musicians, and life in general, as well. There's a well-known trope in science fiction that suggests the worlds and lives we create in our imaginations and dreams are really just unconscious windows into real worlds and lives that exist outside our senses among the infinite reaches of the multi-verse. If this is true, then I have no doubt Frank is somewhere living the swashbuckling life he so deserved. Traversing unfathomable distances in his quin-jet via hyper warp drive, rescuing scores of green-skinned maidens in distress, vanquishing dragons, diabolical androids and other evil villains. All to a soundtrack by Coltrane, Ellington and Monk. Fair travels, dear friend. Words may fail me, but you never did.

Richard Eiswerth

I never met him, but listened to him every day, and felt comforted through some difficult times. He was such an enjoyable presence, and I will miss him greatly. It's impossible to capture what he means to many of us in mere words.

Mark Haller

I miss you when I am driving my car and listening to your beautiful classical music. Rest In Peace Frank the man with the Golden Voice

Margie Huber

So many memories. Such a good friend. Sadly, I let the years slip away and lost touch with Frank but did check in on his professional activities from time to time. Obviously he touched many people with his rare combination of talent, humor, quirkiness, and caring heart; I expected no less from him. I left up prayers for his family, friends, and fans.

Steve Blazer

I met Frank when I was doing an internship at another radio station. I was still in college and Frank was funny, kind and so smart. He taught me a lot and I was so grateful. I lost touch with him until recently when I heard him on WVXU. It was so good to hear his voice and all those memories of the interesting and fun conversations we had came flooding back. I had meant to look him up and am heartbroken to hear of his passing. RIP sweet Frank...

Di Stamper

My sincere sympathy to all of Frank's colleagues and loved ones. I didn't know him, but I'm sure going to miss him. I spent 2013-2016 in grad school near Seattle, WA. Although they have a classical radio station, I always streamed WGUC as Frank's on air presence was perfect for a stressed-out, homesick student. It made my heart happy to hear his voice! I always left him on when I'd leave for the day to keep my two cats company as they were very fond of him, too. I was on a silent retreat yesterday and didn't hear the news until I was in my car this morning. I sat in the parking garage and and cried before I went in to work. I will never hear 'The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields' without remembering how beautifully and thoughtfully he enunciated his words. I have missed him terribly these past few months. I hope that WGUC will continue to play the spots he recorded to keep his memory alive! Rest in peace, dear Frank!

Mary Johnson

Frank was a brilliant voice in a world filled with noise. A life well lived....a life appreciated. God bless. RIP

Courtis Fuller

Frank was a musical history and genre genius. At his fingertips he possessed an encyclopedic amount of knowledge about music and artists, regardless of the genre. If you liked baroque, he could discuss that. If you liked R&B from the '60s and 70s he could discuss that...with authority. If you like Country and Western, well he knew about that. Even if you were searching for the bassist on "Clap for the Wolfman" by The Guess Who, Frank knew about that as well. An amazing mind!!

Eric Kearney

Although I didn't know him in person, he was as many above have said: that sweet, smooth, kind voice on the radio who always added a personal touch, be it information about the piece or its composer, to his comments. As will many in the audience, I'll miss his presence on WGUC.

Thom Moon

I greatly regret that I met Frank Johnson only a few times in my interaction with WGUC over the years. But I sure knew him on the air. What a perfect radio presence he was. He shared classical music in the way that radio, as a medium, works best. He was erudite, calm and peaceful, personal and inspirational, and devoted and emotional. The listener felt friendship from the man and as if one were hearing the music that one's friend loved. As the many comments make clear, Frank Johnson was a fine man and an American Classic.

Daniel Hoffheimer

I can only repeat what others have so eloquently expressed; this man brought a sense of warmth and intimacy that had me anticipating his voice every afternoon. I usually lie down, but seldom sleep. I would simply rest, and listen to his voice, and yes, how I have missed him these past months. I am writing from Ontario, Canada and am so grateful for WGUC.

Barbara Lehto

A man of few words, dignity, humor and great love.

Becca Levin

I met Frank while working with him at WBLZ in the 80's. He was a consummate professional at his craft and a pleasure to work with and know. A soothing and pleasant voice who will be missed!

Darrel Mitchell

I met Frank a few times while visiting my daughter, Coleen, at WGUC. Such a kind and fun loving man. He will be missed and remembered by all who knew him. Our prayers go out to his family and coworkers.

Jerry Tracey

Frank was a kind gentle soul with a volcanic energy and passion for music. I miss him very much. ~ Geoffrey "The Captain" Nimmo

Geoffrey Nimmo

Frank was my favorite DJ at WEBN back in the day. His play list was so wide and varied, never knew what you would hear. Really enjoyed him on WGUC also. Will miss his voice. I wish I could have met him so I could have told him this in person. RIP, the ethereal strings of Wagner's Lohengrin will greet you at the Pearly Gates.

Kevin Kamphaus

I'll remember the sweet twinkle in his eye, the soft tilt of his head, and the warmth of his voice when he said "hi". When Frank made his trips to Shake It Records around the corner from our house, he would stop by and spend time with Len and me. I saw then the dear, easy friendship between Frank and Len. And I also saw what a truly lovely man he wasso kind and smart and thoughtful. He showed up one morning with a book for Len - "Bob Dylan, All the Songs - the story behind every track" - that he knew Len would love. That was pure Frank. What a huge loss to everyone who knew him.

Marshall Smith-Sternberg

We shall remember Frank Johnson with great fondness. We listened to him on WGUC for many years. He has left behind many, many fans.

Jerome and Josette Stanley

Frank, you beautiful funny man with the silvery tongue, sly wit and voluminous knowledge of music and so many other thingsyou are greatly missed! See you on the other side. Karen and l will continue to laugh in spite of it all.

Debby Severson

The news of Frank Johnson's passing saddens me deeply. For me, Frank was the signature voice of WGUC. I enjoyed hearing him on the air, and his voice became one of those things I expected and relied upon - a constant in my daily life, like the rising and setting of the sun. I cannot conceive of WGUC without Frank any more than I can conceive of the world without the sun. In particular, I remember how beautifully Frank acknowledged my father, Robert Knox Chapman, on the air when I made a donation in his memory. Thank you again for that, Frank, and for everything you did to enrich our WGUC listening experience so very much.

Fred Chapman

Like many people I know scores of the fond memories of Frank. I met Frank at WTUE where Dayton where he trained me in the station's format. From our first meeting we discovered mutual interests in a wide range of music, reading, humor and more. My kids looked at him as an uncle. My daughter Kellie delighted in his juggling skills and my son Kyle always enjoyed Frank's quizzing him on multiplication tables... my radio production students always enjoyed Frank's presentations about working in radio. We shared so many common characteristics they would often ask if we were brothers!... we traveled to many concerts together and made road trips simply for the sake of searching out the best music stores in far-flung cities.... when I was applying for a classical announcer position Frank supplied me with nicely detailed prep sheets for announcing classical... as I was leaving a twenty year position at a local NPR station I asked Frank for some parting jewels to share with my listeners. You can guess what Frank suggested I say: ''So long and thanks for all the fish.''... So long Frank and thanks for all the fun!...

Mike Reisz

Frank used to come in the carry out store I owned for 30 years to buy a couple of lottery tickets. I used to tell him I hated the opera WGUC played on Saturdays and I loved jazz. Frank used to laugh and say yes he loves jazz too that he wished he could play it. Miss you Frank and our conversations.

Linda...Glenway Pony Keg Klapper